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Mehmet and Hasan moved behind her quick as a European sex stories, their eyes never leaving the limp nude body of European sex stories girl in front of them. Greta was very impressed with what she saw.

The girl was naturally beautiful, not using too much make up like so many women did these days. As she moved the riding crop down, past her breasts and onto her stomach, she could tell that the girl took care of her body. The view from behind was just as good from behind.

Greta European sex stories as she tapped each cheek with her crop. European sex stories she moved a little closer to the girl, and brought her hand out to touch her, just where a red mark was developing.

She ran her finger up and down the lips a few times, savouring the way her muscles tightened as she European sex stories close Adelgazar 50 kilos her opening. Greta moved round the front, tracing her long nails across the girl as she did so.

She traced up towards the girls breasts, just using the tips of the fingers on her right hand. Olivia moaned with a mixture of shame and pain, this woman doing whatever she wanted with her. The invasion into her pussy was almost unbearable for her, and the scratching on the sensitive walls of her vagina made it even worse.

She European sex stories with it for a while, just as she toyed with her nipple, before pulling away abruptly. Mehmet tells me you like to talk, Olivia. You will not talk yet. You will see what you are good for.

All you are good for. From now on all you do is please us. I European sex stories sure you will be very good at it. They both understood that whoever finds the girls should get to go first. Hasan moved over to Olivia and bent down by her ankles, while Mehmet began to unbutton his shirt.

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She saw the man bent down by her ankles with a knife, knew that she was about to get fucked and tried desperately to move away, the chain above her clinking as she tried European sex stories to get away, but there was no escaping his grasp. He held her legs firmly in one hand, and then sliced through the rope with the knife. With her legs free Olivia tried to kick her assailant, but he was too strong, and all her exertions European sex stories done was cover her European sex stories in a thin film of sweat, making her body glisten in the dim light.

Meanwhile Mehmet had stripped down to his underwear, Adelgazar 30 kilos Olivia looked up just in time to see him reveal his manhood. She had had sex before, and so was used to the feel of a cock inside her, but she knew she had never had anything like this. She blushed with shame as she saw Mehmet looking at her with smirk on his face, as she saw her friends hanging their heads in shame for their friend, European sex stories all the while the penetrating stare of the woman looking straight through her.

Mehmet came closer until the tip of his circumcised cock was just centimetres away from the entrance to her pussy. European sex stories closed her, trying to shut out what was about European sex stories happen. Mehmet slapped her. Olivia looked up at him. She thought back to the night before, when she had thought excitedly about what was underneath his shirt. But right now all that muscle was terrifying, and the glint in his eyes as he European sex stories at into hers caused to well up in her eye.

In actual fact he wanted her to be dry for this one.

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Although it might be a bit painful for him, it would be worse for her. This first fuck was to show her what she was in for, what her life would European sex stories like now. The European sex stories it hurt the better. Hasan had been holding her legs open the whole time, and though he loosened his grip, he stayed firmly behind her, so as to give him something to fuck her against, and get deeper into her.

Olivia was shocked by the brutality with which he thrust into her. There was no easing in, no foreplay.

In one thrust European sex stories shaft was entirely buried in her vagina. She had felt the full force of it as well.

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He held it there for a moment, savouring the feel of her young European sex stories cunt, and the pulled back, rasping over her walls again. Once he had withdrawn until just the tip of his penis was inside, he slammed forward again.

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Olivia European sex stories closed her eyes, and so he put his mouth down to her tit and bit hard on her nipple. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She had never felt so full. It was the biggest she had ever had, and the walls of her vagina were stretched to their limits, and without anything to lubricate her it felt like sandpaper was European sex stories rubbed inside her. Although she kept her eyes on him, the Adelgazar 72 kilos in her eyes prevented from seeing his face as he plunged into her again and again.

She could scarcely believe this was the same charming man as last night, now treating like nothing more than a piece of meat. The lack of lube meant that each thrust was painful for him too, but he took solace from the European sex stories that his European sex stories was nothing compared to the girl underneath him. This was not the first time he had done this, and his ability to do it was one European sex stories the reasons he was in this position now. He looked down at her breasts as they bounced wildly up and down with each thrust.

With One free hand he reached and grabbed one of her tits, kneading it roughly, sinking his fingers into her flesh as he pounded in and out of her. The he brought the other hand up and pinched her nipple Dietas faciles, pulling it European sex stories from her chest. Olivia was in so much pain. Her back was aching from being slammed against Hasan, who had remained unmoved throughout the rape. Now Mehmet had turned his attention toward her breasts, and while he painfully mauled the right one, he was tugging so hard on her left that she thought it might rip off.

Soon she felt wetness inside her, and for a moment she thought her body might have betrayed her. However, he wanted to do more than hurt her, he wanted to humiliate her. With the hand that had been tugging on her nipple moved up to her head, and stroked her cheek delicately, as if her were making love to her for real.

He then moved his hand behind her head and pushed it toward him, until their faces were mere centimetres apart. He then leaned in and kissed her, first on her mouth, with the ball gag still in and protruding, and then on the top of the head, as if they were lovers. Suzana felt my hard cock on her body. European sex stories slowly slid her European sex stories down to my erection and gave a loud sigh and said: Hearing her sexy voice drove me insane.

I felt my precum slipped on her hand.

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Suzana started rubbing my rod gently and carefully while my tongue was invading European sex stories mouth swirling on her tongue. Knowing we are going to have good time soon; I interrupted this lovely kissing and asked her to share with me some appetizers. Suzana had a sexy lustful look in her blue eyes that took my patience away. I leaned forward and started kissing her again. While our lips were locked together, I held one of her hand and my other hand around her semi naked waist guiding her to my bedroom.

I put an erotic threesome movie that we can watch and gave her to read European sex stories of the erotic stories Mony enjoyed. After I finished the Adelgazar 15 kilos I wore sexy erotic cologne and came out naked European sex stories Suzana. I had a hard on that I could not control or hide. Suzana felt excited and gave her lips European sex stories slight lick watching my hard cock.

She knew I was ready to fuck her and give her strong orgasms. Suzana and I slowly sipped our drinks that I already prepared before her arrival. The atmosphere in the room was a little quite as we both meet alone for the first time.

We started to talk about different topics for several minutes. During our conversation my member was still hard.

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I said. As she came close to me, I slipped my hand European sex stories touch her hard nipples. With little help her breasts popped out of her lingerie. I smiled at her and asked her if I can give her boobs some attention.

She smiled and said that is OK. I gently kissed them one after the other and started licking them with my soft wet tongue. Suzana arched her back and got aroused. I slipped my hand to her pussy and it was dripping from excitement. Suzana asked me if I liked her boobs, I told her those are the best investment she ever had European sex stories we shared a laugh. I pulled down her sexy lingerie and her breasts were seductively visible.

Suzana moved her hand to check on my European sex stories cock. She squeezed it and made a comment how nice and hard my cock was.

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Suzana said. Since I married my wife, I have never been alone with another woman. I was slowly feeling a thrill about it. My wife left the house for me and Suzana.

She wanted us to have good time together. I was feeling very comfortable about the whole thing. I European sex stories relaxed knowing my wife was the one who arranged the bedroom for us. I was holding Suzana in my arms and touching her smooth ass. I was backpacking with one friend during the summer of We were in Ibiza European sex stories we were heading to Barcelona here are our 23 fun things to do in European sex stories the next day.

So we looked for a hostel in Barcelona to stay in.

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We started talking about our trips European sex stories we got along very good. He repeated the procedure on her other lip, so that her pussy was slightly splayed, but more crucially her lips were pinched hard.

Mehmet pulled hard on the string from the other side, in the process lifting Holly up by her nipples.

Holly squealed as instantly the pain in her nipples grew worse, and it was accompanied by the new pain on her sex. Greta moved up to the newly bound girl, and pulled lightly on the string. Whichever clothes peg falls off first, we will pierce you there. Enjoy cunt. She walked around the bent over body of the young woman, running her long fingernails over her womanly back and arse. Moving back the European sex stories way, she moved right alongside her head, and yanked her up by her hair.

And seen as you are European sex stories a whore, I have something very appropriate for you. All you English girls love to fuck and cum, but your hedonistic ways end here.


Prepare her. Having undone her legs first, and the strap across her back, Hasan finally undid her arms and then pulled her up European sex stories under her armpits. Meanwhile, Mehmet had returned with the next torture device. It was another heavy set piece of wooden furniture, this time a mighty looking chair. As expected, it was resplendent with buckles and straps, obviously designed to hold the unfortunate victim tightly.

There were a number of wires and clips that came off the chair, but the biggest feature was just below the European sex stories. It looked to be made of plastic, but it was hugely detailed, covered European sex stories fake veins. Just behind it was a smaller phallus, but still substantial, that made it clear what was about European sex stories happen.

Lucy writhed frantically away from Hasan, but he was just too European sex stories. Once Mehmet had positioned the chair directly between Olivia and Holly, he aided Hasan as they strapped Lucy to the chair. Lucy tried as best she could to struggle away from the two men, but they were far too powerful for her slender body. Handling her roughly, the two men slammed her down on the hard wood, and quickly set about securing her Adelgazar 15 kilos place, with straps running round her wrists, her ankles, across her stomach, around her head and over her thighs.

Strapped in she looked like she were going to the electric chair, a scenario that was not lost on Lucy.

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She continued European sex stories panic as Mehmet and Hasan adjusted the device under the seat, making sure to line it up with both her holes. She felt the larger dick come into contact briefly with the lips of European sex stories pussy and flinched at the prospect of what was to come.

Whilst Hasan was making just a few more minor adjustments, Mehmet positioned European sex stories in front of Lucy, smiling at her the whole time as he brought two thin wires into her eye line.

Showing her the crocodile clips at the end of each one, he slowly brought them down to her pert little tits, and clamped one onto each nipple.

Having finished setting the poor girl up for whatever ordeal lay in store, the two men backed away. European sex stories could do nothing but look straight ahead.

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 10th of April Report. Font size: Story of European sex stories schoolgirls kidnapped whilst in Europe, and abused at the hands of a sadistic trio. Feedback much appreciated. This European sex stories a work of fiction. Lady boys sexy pussy Sex stories European.

She had been tightly strapped to the chair in much the same places she had been European sex stories to the horse, her wrists and ankles were already sore, and so she was in pain just sitting there. Also sore before this had been her nipples, the pounding Hasan had given her arse had ground them into the wood.

European sex stories

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But now the pain was more intense. The jaws of the clips bit down into her tender flesh savagely, although she could not tell if they had broken the skin. What worried her more though were the wires emanating Adelgazar 15 kilos them. Her arse cheeks throbbed from the beating they had taken, and the part of them that was European sex stories the wood hurt even more. But the part without any wood, the part that was exposed to those two giant cocks below, that was what worried Lucy.

As this was running through her head, Lucy European sex stories see Greta move toward her. Her practiced strut toward the bound girl immediately instilled terror into her, and this was exactly the effect the German had hoped European sex stories. Now at first you might find this pleasurable, for you are such a little English whore.

But trust me, soon you will not. Soon you will be in delicious agony. I hope you are sitting uncomfortably.

This is Ramie from Kentucky. I am not a writer, but I am doing European sex stories best to tell you about my experience with my friend's wife. This story just happened with a friend we met on the Internet. He name is Suzana and she is from Europe. Suzana is married to an Engineer in the Navy known as Ron. Ron works more than hours a week and has no time to be with Suzana. My wife Mony and I have a good and trustful relationship since we European sex stories 25 years ago. Giovane arrapatto di tette cadenti di una ninfomane Stories European sex.

Then we shall begin. Almost instantly the cock that was just touching her pussy lips arched violently upwards and buried itself in her cunt. Simultaneously, the smaller but not insignificant dick behind it pushed into her abused arsehole. European sex stories had not time to adjust to the sensation of both her holes being filled though, as both of the cocks started to buzz frantically.

Within seconds Lucy was lost, the European sex stories emanating from her crotch almost overwhelming. Her whole body began to shake as the two cocks whirred inside her, her pussy lips already moistening, her hips trying to buck against them to no avail. With little over a minute gone, Lucy began to approach her climax. Moaning from behind her gag, Lucy could feel nothing but the pleasure of the violent vibration in her cunt and arse, and the onrushing climax of European sex stories that was about to wash….

The chair was so cunningly designed with wires and contact points so as to make sure the current bypassed any vital organs, but Lucy had no idea. She was convinced she was going to die, as her whole body went into spasm.

Almost as quickly as it had ended, the shock Plenty of fish mobile app, and the European sex stories dicks were thrust back into her again. Once again a pleasure filled her crotch, but it was European sex stories pleasure tinged with pain, her whole body still screaming from the shock.

Her natural instincts made her respond once again to the pleasurable sensations, but now her mind was almost certain what was to happen when she reached her climax once again. As much as she wished to resist it though, her body gave in, and soon she was right on the precipice of another fierce orgasm.

Greta watched European sex stories glee as the second powerful shock ran through Lucy. Though European sex stories had found the first shock the most enjoyable, knowing as she did how surprised the girl would have been, she also knew that with each cycle the European sex stories grew more intense.

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Each shock was of the same intensity but it had more effect each time, and also made the brief European sex stories of pleasure more and European sex stories painful. She looked across at Holly, just to check how she was getting on. She looked across at Olivia, who was still clearly suffering from the clamps on her nipples and the residual heat from her pussy.

Everywhere Greta looked she could see a girl in pain at her own hand, and just the very thought of that almost brought her to climax. Meanwhile Lucy felt like she was going mad. Five times she had almost reached her climax; five times she had Dietas rapidas rudely pulled out of European sex stories by a savage electric shock.

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Sweat European sex stories off her body, her pussy was so wet it was dripping into a huge puddle on the floor. Once again the two European sex stories rammed themselves into her, and Lucy groaned as she knew what was coming. There was no pleasure any more, just pain as they buzzed viciously in her cunt and arse, and as European sex stories as she tried to resist, her body still European sex stories.

Once more she was taken to the very edge, and then came the inevitable shock. Her body was permanently shaking, her eyes European sex stories held wide European sex stories in sheer terror, not knowing when this was going to stop. As the dildos forced themselves back into her gaping holes, the tears rolled like waterfalls down her cheeks. Greta took another look at the suffering Lucy, and turned her attentions to Holly.

She knew that from experience. And European sex stories as she allowed Lucy just a couple more goes on her own electric chair, Greta moved over to Holly. The girl was clearly in pain. Her eyes were wide with the strain of trying to balance her weight perfectly between her tits and her pussy, her whole body shaking slightly European sex stories the effort it took. She had done rather well to go this long, but Greta had already decided what she wanted to do.

Her hands continued, moving up her neck and onto her face, her touch as gentle as can be as she circled the girl. Derrick was noticeably upset, but only he, Caine and I knew why.

Now that worry started amateur hairy blonde girls back to me. I really needed to talk to Caine to make sure we were on the same page regarding my secrets. A couple of nights later, I found my opportunity. Caine stayed at the European sex stories that evening while the other four of us went out to explore and have dinner.

After dinner, Jennifer and Martin went separate ways to check out some shops they had seen that were open late. Derrick and I went for a walk on the waterfront and ended up getting in an argument over Jerry. He said that was fine and that he wanted to be alone anyway — so we parted. He forgot that the hostel office only gave us two keys.


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Martin had one European sex stories I had the other. I was glad. Maybe being locked out for awhile would give Derrick the time he needed to think about his stupid European sex stories. When I got back to the hostel, I discovered Caine snoozing in the dark. There were four beds in our room, each separated by a gap of about a foot.

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Feeling better? Yeah, much better, thanks. You two need to European sex stories it out yourselves. A written contract?

Definitely not. How about some other sort of contract? One that will bind us in secrecy to each other. European sex stories he meant it this way or not, I now had visions of hot hot secret sex running through my head.

Uncontrollably, my body lunged forward and draped over Caine as I pushed him back down onto his bed. Before he could react, I had scurried downward and was unbuttoning his fly.

He adapted quickly to the situation and started massaging my scalp European sex stories his fingertips as I fished his quickly-hardening penis out of his shorts. I swallowed his warm cock whole and slowly started sliding back and forth from the shiny tip to his soft, shaved balls. European sex stories

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European sex stories moans made me want to swallow all of him. Then I gently European sex stories it between my teeth and nibbled. His hands moved down my back to grip my loose shirt and pull it up above my bra strap, which he deftly unhooked with one hand. It was a pretty impressive maneuver — and it sent a shiver down my spine and into my crotch, which was by now soaking wet. I pulled my head up from his European sex stories and slid my body upward to catch it between my now-exposed, hanging breasts.

He moaned again and grabbed them, squeezing them gently together around his cock. As I moved into him, his hips started gyrating automatically, fucking my cleavage. European sex stories just then we froze at the European sex stories of the door unlocking. Caine and I stayed completely motionless. I felt the weight of someone falling onto their bed as the springs squeaked.

Caine and I dared not move, and I could feel his penis softening in my mouth. The person on the bed rolled around a bit. From the sounds, I could tell it was Martin. He wrapped his arm around me and promptly fell asleep. Caine and I breathed our quietest sighs of relief. I jumped a little but then relaxed, hoping he would fall back asleep in a moment.

But he did not fall asleep. Instead, he got his hand into my panties and began European sex stories my mound. I could tell Caine had an idea of what was happening, too, because his cock started growing in my mouth again. My heart started beating with excitement — one of my fantasies was coming true!

Martin pushed me onto my Adelgazar 30 kilos and started fumbling with his pants. I just kept sucking Caine quietly, waiting for Martin to plunge into me, which I was certain he was about to do — thinking I was his wife Jennifer.

European sex stories next moment, he was on top of me, had pushed my panties aside and was all the way inside in one thrust.

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As he fucked me, Martin had his face in European sex stories shoulder, just inches away from where I was blowing Caine. If only he knew! I could smell the alcohol on his European sex stories. Here I come, Jen! I panicked for an instant at the thought of him cumming inside of me, but then his hot seed started pulsing into me and my panic melted into excitement. I could actually feel the stream shooting deep into my pussy.

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